Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions


There are no responsibility held by any of the representative working with MedicinesKart concerning any buy which is made from the website.

A purchaser should confer a Family Physiscian before purchasing any medicine accessible at MedicinesKart online.

It is salient to have full acknowledgment with your consultant so that they can give you on a superior & most powerful medication.

This make sure the safety of the purchaser.

The Images available on the website concerning definite product is for instance purpose & may vary from product to product in individual.

The price considered on the website is in USD.

The price considered below every product may alter from time to time at the circumspection of the supplier.

MedicinesKart secure the right to cancel an order as well as denied custom to any purchaser without having to give a earlier notice to do the same.

Assuming, the purchaser has already placed the order, a full Refund is made by our company.

The product details offered on each medicine is extremely Generic in nature & for anybody to take these medicines.

It is very important to consult your family physician before buying these medicines.

MedicinesKart provide absolute privacy to all customers by securing each one of your privacy.

The only details that we apply is by offering our clients with the more appropriate experience that they can get very well.

Each purchaser who purchases medicine from our website is boost to sign up their own self account with the name & Mail address. 

The account will also have the delivering address saved along with the payment process selected by the purchaser.

At the time of signing up, the account is confirmed by sending confirmation mail on the given Mail address.


At MedicinesKart, the personal details of the customer is asked for which is secured by the SSL Encryption which protect the data that you are placing in your personal field.

It is hopeless for someone to fall in & steal the private data of the customer.

Data such as Card details is saved in the database in an encrypted form & is not normally stored in the website database.

Thus make sure 100% safety for the Clients.

Assessment & Remarks:

There is a Feedback or assessment section on our website which enables our customers to share their feedback concerning a definite product.

A comment or remarks can be made concerning the policies that we share.

Every Mail made to us is acknowledge to in a convenient appearance.

Delivery Orders & Policy:

There is a shipping fees for every order placed. The fees on each order depends on the weight of the order placed. Orders normally take a 6-15 days time to reach & should be ordered while keeping this agenda in view.


The prices specified concerning shipping & custom can alter at any point. These Prices display a certain variation & should be checked from time to time. The orders are delivered to the Home address, PO Box address etc. Mails that are sent in military mail normally take longer due to detail the handling methods of their mail.The delivery of each order is made within two days.

Delivery Address: 

The address placed in the last order made through MedicinesKart shall be advised as the absence one. This address can be alternated at the time of the checkout as there is an choice which confirms the delivery address. The address on which the order requires to be shipment changes the entire order & the schedule of the order. The medicines available at MedicinesKart are generic in nature. MedicinesKart do not deal with Standard medication & the medicines available are highly generic in nature.

Delays due to Custom:

MedicinesKart do not hold any authority for the delay in the order if it has been made from your end by the government of your particular country. Delays made by the shipment service of the country are behind the reach of MedicinesKart. Assuming the order is not received within 7 days after the delay, a refund or reshipment is made from our end if described.

Customs Tariff:

You can also asked to pay the customs Tariff as according to the Rules & Regulation of the particular Government. This payment policy will not cover MedicinesKart & will be strictly amongst you and the Customs Department of your particular Country.