Return Refund


Return and Refund Policy


There is a particular order of circumstances that we pursue:

A. Verifying the Order:

When a buyer places an order, mail is sent to them by MedicinesKart which validate the order placed by the buyer. 

There is one more mail that follows the verification mail & is probable to be collected within 24 hours from displaying the order. 

This mail operates the order & display that it will be send shortly.

Assuming there is a matter concerning the Payment, like an incomplete of the Payment, the mail is sent to the Buyer answering the same.

B. Approving the Shipping:

An order that is approved is probably to be send and delivered on the same day. Once the dispatching is approved at the back end, mail is sent to the purchaser concerning the Tracking ID of the order. 

This mail will have all the Shipping Information furthermore schedule of when to predict the shipment. This mail will also have a “Contact Us” option so that the order can be pursue physically contact.

The Order can be dispatched to the home as well as the working address, however choose by the purchaser. 

There is a choice for enrolled Airmail which is hardly extravagant but more protected in nature. This type of shipment asks for the Purchaser’s Sign at the time of shipment. 

Assuming the Purchaser is not convenient , a message is sent to the purchaser concerning the pursuit to dispatch the package.

 The package can be collected by the purchaser after approaching the post office the information of which are considered in the message sent at the time of shipment. The Order is placed on hold at the PO(Post Office) for minimum 4 weeks before a pursuit to send it back.

C. PO Boxes & APO Address:

The Shipment is made at the PO Boxes & APO Address as long as the choice is open in the process of shipment provided by MedicinesKart. You can also set your shipment to the PO or APO Address by mentioning the Primary address to the same.

D.Observance or Customs:

MedicinesKart is based coastal india & each order is handle as an foreign goods. A package after permitting through the Customs might experience a stoppage. The stoppage faced in custom can range from usual days to 3 weeks in case of maximum cases.

E. Shipment Times:

The delivery is done atleast 24-48 hours after the order is placed. The time taken to the shipment the product depends on the dispatcher services. Assuming the custom holds an order , it may be taken 21 days to approach you. It is necessary to contact us assume the order is not approached atleast 7 days of putting the order.

F. Refunds of Missing Orders:

Any order which is missing is Refunded by MedicinesKart. If there is a late faced in collecting the order, it is important to describe it to the customer care within 8 weeks from the day it is delivered to the purchaser. A Refund for the order missing is done immediatley it is described. 

Following circumstances apply for put back an order that is made to the MedicinesKart.

  1. Assuming that the shipment of the product takes more than seven days to what was introduced in the delivery information of the same.
  2. The delivery date supplied is correct.

If the purchaser places the order at the mismatch address, the order is charged for the recover policy.

G. Return & Refund Policy:

If the accepted order is broken in any way or not accepted at all, the refund is made  or the product is redelivered to you again. 

This Normally depends on the call made by the purchaser & can be refunded as in accord with the option made by them. 

Before a purchaser can request for a refund, they are needed to wait for the minimum of 30 days from the day the order is placed. 

Even If there are any query concerning the order, MedicinesKart  suggest telephonic support to each one of you. The Refund policy holds permitted for everyone now the product that is sent back to us can be resell. The only demand is that the product should be secured as it is, unutilized & closed and not surpass the expiry date of it.