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Some generic medicines that are available in pharmacy that is registered as medicine or medical devices cannot be bought because of regulations.

One of the reasons why you do not receive a Mail notification may be false Email address you entered when Enrolling or creating an order. If you have Enrolled with an Incorrect Mail Address you will have to redo the Enrollment process.

In such a case, it is very essential to contact us instantly. We will send you a corrected dosage of particular medicine.

I completed the particular order, but I did not receive approval by Mail. why?

The Approval Mail that you have successfully completed the order will reach automatically in few moments.

If you did not receive a approval Mail it may be because of the following situations:

  • If you did not receive Notification Mails from the website please check in your mail in spam Or Junk Mailbox.
  • If you find in the approval in a Spam or Junk Mailbox, try to search the “Mark as good”  option or , “ Add a sender to white - list”. In such manner, you will prevent the Mails from our website from emerging in Spam or Junk Mailbox in the future.  

Yes, you can cancel your order in case if not dispatched. In such Circumstances, we will refund your money & also you will be charged only for the cancellation fees.

We will not be capable to cancel ordersthat have before been processed or delivered by us. Sometimes, this can be possible within 12 hours after the order has been placed.

You can track your particular order if you have a Tracking ID provided by the particular Logistic Company. 

If you do not have a Tracking ID, it is quiet available to track your order, but it also depends on the particular company.

You can constantly ask to our Cuastomer care service for the name of the logistic service when placing particular order.

The shipment time for accepting your medicine is roughly 6 to 15 days. Please, note into account that because of some technical circumstances the shipment time may take 30 days maximum.

One of the cause is that the shipment has to pass a custom control, which can be extended mainly of the large number of packages, customs agreements.

The minimum expiry date of delivered generic medicine will not less than 9 months which is in agreement with our standards & working policy.

If you require medicine with a better longer expiry date, you can define this condition by contact our customer services.

Yes, they are safe mostly because of manufacture of generic medicine is accomplish according to strict EU & International regulations and also to the highest standards in terms of Safety & Quality.

You can purchase a prescribed generic medicine online by sending a scanned copy of your prescription to our Email Address ([email protected]).

Many affordable generic medicines are manufactured outside the United States & Canada like in India and the EU.

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100% FDA Approved

We only include in our inventory, the medicines that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each drug is examined thoroughly to check if chemical content given on the packaging exists, and that it is in the equivalent amount. Medicines we provide are all clinically and globally accepted as well as approved by all the major regulating authorities

24X7 Live Chat Support

Ask a question related your orders at our 24X7 live chat support.

0$ Shipping Coast

Don’t be hated about the shipping coast. We understand your every single penny important so you can able to place an order with a $0 shipping coast.  $0 shipping only applicable order above $199.

Exclusive Discount Rate

Will buy products without a discount is like committed suicide so grab up to 50% OFF on our products also check OFFERSDeals.

100% Buyers Reviews

We know that a review is help boost customer loyalty toward a brand. We know that a review is a help boost customer loyalty toward a brand. You can buy medication with our 100% buyers reviews.

What We Do

You can turn back on a person, but you can never turn your back on a drug, especially when it’s waving a razor-sharp hunting knife in your eye” so don’t panic about the drug but panic about security safety.
We ensure first your health security and happiness we also offer amazing discount exclusive offers only reason online buyers can expert saving up to 50% OFF on your prescription drugs. We deliver medication or drugs USA, UK, Australia, France, and across the globe.

100% Quality Assurance

Worry about the quality??? We have delivered drugs with 100 verified tests. We have sold only the drugs that have been allowed by the FDA.

Single Click Checkout Process

We have noticed that when you buy products on an online pharmacy store were the checkout process is too hard. Don’t panic our checkout process is easy to use  you can able to place order in just 3 seconds.

100% Safe Secure Order

Ensure your order with World’s #1 secure sockets layer(SSL) certificate. We choose the most trusted mark on the internet to enable to strongest SSL encryption available to every one of our site visitors.

100% Safe & Secure Packing

Before shipping the product, ensures the packaging of the product is secure and safe so that the product contained inside does not suffer damage or gets spoiled due to natural things like rain or dust.

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We provide 100% Authentic meds online to our consumers. 
Well, to ensure that you can faith us to come & make your first order even if that is  for a little amount. 
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While shipping your package of meds to you we always make sure that Good Quality  Wrapping. 
With this, we always guarantee you that your meds will be minimally damaged during  transport. 

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All brands of meds that you search on our web portal are approved by the FDA. 
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Drug officials in the USA have certified it as one of the genuine FDA-approved online  meds-selling websites. 

Credible Cancellation & Refund Policy of  MedicinesKart: 

Do check out the terms & conditions for credible cancellation & refund which are  again given on a different page.  
We do give you your space to cancel your order in the event that you require to. 
But Ensure it also has definite terms which are only based on decisions as the  administration & authorities will decide. 
We do not arrange with those sections. 

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We offer free shipping at definite minimum price amounts. 
Do check out the minimum prices for free shipping sections & the brands that are allowed for free shipping. 

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We can offer you affordable prices & this is a guarantee from us. 
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As we told you ahead that is one of the Largest Online Sellers of medicines across the USA. 
We have different varieties of generic meds to try out. 

Terms & Conditions of MedicinesKart:   

We ask all our consumers to check out the terms & conditions before making their initial order. This will allow you & us to avoid any arguments later in the future. 
We do have a different terms & conditions page wherein you can come & check out the different rules & regulations that you have to comply with as a consumer. 
We also make sure that we as your service providers make sure that a basic grade of service &  honesty while conveying our services.