What should I do if I accept the wrong dosage of Particular Medicine?

In such a case, it is very essential to contact us instantly. We will send you a corrected dosage of particular medicine.

I completed the particular order, but I did not receive approval by Mail. why?

The Approval Mail that you have successfully completed the order will reach automatically in few moments.

If you did not receive a approval Mail it may be because of the following situations:

  • If you did not receive Notification Mails from the website please check in your mail in spam Or Junk Mailbox.
  • If you find in the approval in a Spam or Junk Mailbox, try to search the “Mark as good”  option or , “ Add a sender to white – list”. In such manner, you will prevent the Mails from our website from emerging in Spam or Junk Mailbox in the future.  

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